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August 25, 2014

Citadel Celebrates

Citadel Drilling marked a milestone on June 12, 2014 as we unveiled our first rig to the public.

The Rig Opening event was set up to unveil the rig and its technology to the public, and in particular to our potential clients. Dave Wicks, Citadel's Sales and Contract Manager, feels that the day was a huge success for the Company, saying "Representatives from 18 different leading-edge operators made the trek to Nisku to see our first technically advanced AC triple, 'The Titan'.  

I've been involved in rig openings in Calgary with a previous employer where we barely had 18 people show up, nothing like the turnout we had in Nisku; so obviously there is quite the buzz around what we are planning to deliver."  Dan Hoffarth, CEO, is clear that this event was about so much more than just showing off  our first rig. “The rig opening for 'The Titan' was very special for me for two reasons.

Firstly, the response and attendance that we received from the top operators in the industry was overwhelmingly positive.  Their support and validation of our design really reaffirmed that Citadel is on the right track in building the most advanced and technically sound product on the market.  Citadel believes that a step change is needed to address the needs of our clients and that the TAC²T design will set a new standard for the performance of high-spec drilling rigs moving forward.  The other part of this event that will always be a great memory for me was being able to enjoy the day of our Company’s first rig opening with our team.  I honestly have to say that being able to share this experience with the crews and their families was the highlight of my career.” June 12, 2014 will continue to mark one of Citadel's proudest moments as we continue this journey of growth and excitement.

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