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September 12, 2014

Citadel's CEO asked to speak at CERI Natural Gas Conference

The 2014 CERI Natural Gas Conference was held in Calgary, and this year's subject was “A Natural Gas Vision for Canada”. The conference focused on the examination of Alberta well licenses targeting gas resources, digging deeper into the types of wells being drilled for these gas licences. Their data concluded that the majority of these wells were drilled using the horizontal drilling process, indicating that technological advances in drilling processes may be heralding the demise of the vertical well.

Given Citadel’s new drilling rig innovations, our CEO Dan Hoffarth was invited to speak at the 2014 CERI Natural Gas Conference. Hoffarth was asked to present to attendees on the technological advancements made in the industry; specifically, on the advanced drilling process. Hoffarth spoke specifically on the future of drilling practices, the need to stay current and innovative with drilling processes, and the challenges for drilling contractors to stay current with their fleets.

Hoffarth commented “To be asked by Mark Salkeld, President of PSAC and Peter Howard, President and CEO of Canadian Energy Research Institute to present at the 2014 CERI Natural Gas Conference was quite an honour.  Citadel was barely a year old, we did not have our first rig completed yet and had no operating days recorded as a company, yet Citadel was already being recognized as industry leaders in the drilling business.  To be able to share and talk about “The Future of Drilling Practices” was a natural fit as this was the number one topic that we at Citadel had been researching, discussing and engaging operators and stakeholders in the business for over a year.  The views in my presentation may not be shared by our peers, but they are the cornerstones of how I view our business.”

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Who is CERI? The Canadian Energy Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit research establishment created through a partnership of industry, academia, and government in 1975.  Our mission is to provide relevant, independent, objective economic research in energy and related environmental issues. Click here for more details about the 2014 Natural Gas Conference.

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