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October 14, 2014

Why Citadel?

Meet Blake Gazdag. Blake is a family man, a Rig Technician, and a Citadel Leader.

Blake joined Citadel in May 2014 as a Driller on Citadel Rig 1. He came to Citadel with a great deal of AC drilling experience and could have had his pick of jobs anywhere within industry, but he chose Citadel. He chose Citadel for two principal reasons: the opportunity to work with new cutting-edge technology and the ability to grow his career.

One of Blake’s first experiences with Citadel provided that first step in career growth. “Building Citadel Drilling Leaders” was a two-day course he attended, along with every other Citadel employee from the CEO to the newest of Floorhands. Blake commented on the course calling it “awesome”, feeling that it was a great way to get started at Citadel because it allowed everyone to realize their role as professionals, and to understand the meaning of leadership.

Blake and his new crew finished putting Citadel Rig 1, “the Titan”, together following the training, and he was happy to share the rig opening day with his family. That event allowed Blake to share his technical expertise with his family; they were able to participate in rig tours and get a better idea of what it is he “does” when he is away at work.

Blake could have chosen from many job opportunities in industry but continues to be happy with his career choice with Citadel. Here, his technical skills are utilized every day, and he has the potential to advance his career and grow as a leader.

For more information on why Citadel may be the right choice for you and your career, click  Why Citadel to learn more.

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