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November 24, 2014

Meet the Citadel Community - Tracy Davis

Tracy Davis grew up in various locales throughout western Canada as her family frequently moved to follow her father for work. Her father worked in the airline industry and moved regularly; however, her last stop was Calgary, during senior year of high school. Tracy enjoyed Calgary so much that she chose to make it home after finishing school. Tracy worked in various positions in Calgary prior to starting her career in oil and gas with JoMax Drilling in 1997.  She filled various roles with Jomax over her 17-year career with the company, including office admin, accounts payable, and payroll. Tracy greatly enjoyed her time at JoMax and made many lasting friendships there, and within industry. 

Currently Tracy works here at Citadel as the Payroll and Benefits Administrator, and we are very happy to have her. She brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table and is an integral part of our team. Tracy joined Citadel for the opportunity to be a part of a new startup, to expand her skills, and to take on new challenges. 

Tracy is devoted to her family. She and her husband reside here in Calgary with their two children. She is a busy working mother of two but wouldn't have it any other way. 

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