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January 5, 2015

Meet the Citadel Community - Dave Vogel

Dave Vogel is a dedicated family man with a commitment to Citadel's success that is second to no one. Dave shares his story with the Knowledge Box, giving the Citadel community a chance to see how this man's career has shaped him into the leader he is today.

"I started Roughnecking in 1988 for Command Drilling on Rig 7, an 1800-meter tele double.  At the time, we were drilling 5- to 7-day wells all around the Camrose, Alberta area. It was pretty routine: dig ditches and make connections for the first two days, scrub the rig for the next two days, and then trip for the remainder of the hole. It was a lot of very hard work, but I had a great old driller, and  under his direction I did well. I was eventually promoted to motors and then derrick.

Times were considerably slower back then. It wasn't uncommon for the rig to shut down between wells or for weeks and sometime months. If Rig 7 was down, I would call other rig managers and drillers that I had gotten to know, looking for more work. Command was good to me and I managed to put in time on every rig in their fleet. Somewhere along the way, my new home ended up being Command Rig 1, a 2400-meter tele double. It was there that I was promoted to driller in 1993. The rig manager had a wealth of knowledge for me to draw upon and was a great  mentor to me. 

It took about a year to build what I  thought of as my "stud crew," which is where I met Dan Hoffarth. Over the next three years we tore it up. We worked hard when we were at work and played hard when we weren't, and we always had fun. Those relationships turned into lifelong friendships that still stand today. It eventually started looking like larger electric rigs were the way of the future, so that is where my new focus was aimed. After four years of drilling on a tele double, I took a demotion to get on an electric rig. The NEW Command 7. It didn’t take long to get a drilling job again, and then eventually I was promoted to rig manager.

I was the rig manager on Command 14 when Command was bought by Nabors Drilling. At Nabors, I worked my way up to field superintendent, then drilling superintendent, which I held for the next six years. Once again the opportunity came up for me to broaden my horizons, and I accepted the position of drilling manager. My last three years at Nabors were spent at this position, looking after the Shell Canada account. It was a very challenging and rewarding position for me.

While I look back at my time with Command and Nabors fondly, I am extremely proud to be a part of Citadel. I believe in Citadel wholeheartedly, and I am excited to continue building Citadel’s culture and community.

My career has been influenced greatly by the leaders I have worked with in my past. My hope, as a leader at Citadel, is to use my 26 years in this great industry to mentor others in their career paths and encourage them to become the best they can be."

Dave Vogel - VP of Operations


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