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April 20, 2015

Why "Walking" Rigs Matter

The Daily Oil Bulletin (DOB) recently ran an article called "Why 'Walking' Rigs Matter", by David Yager, National Leader of MNP's Oilfield Services Group. In the article Mr. Yager outlines some of the many advantages walking rigs offer and we at Citadel Drilling echo Mr. Yager's sentiment. Click in the link to read the full article: Why Walking Rigs Matter

Citadel Drilling has built and is deploying a fleet of technically advanced AC triple (TA2CT) "walking" rigs for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). Walking rigs offer tremendous value to operators and we are convinced they represent the future of the drilling industry. To date we have deployed three TA2CT series rigs to the WCSB, and despite the current downturn in oil prices, we plan to build several more.  We anticipate demand for this state-of-the-art equipment will continue to grow.

One of the many advantages of our rigs includes the design of the walking system which is integrated into the substructre of the rig itself. By integrating the moving system into the substructure, operators are able to keep trucking loads to a minimum when moving the rig from one pad to the next. In comparison, many competitors have gone with a retro-fit design where the moving system is bolted onto the rig. The bolt-on walking system with scalping tank and umbilical segments can add up to as many as 10 addtional truckloads when moving the rig, adding delay and cost to the process. Citadel rigs can also walk from each location on the pad with a full stand of pipe in the derrick, something retro-fit walking systems have difficulty doing, which results in the rig technicians often being required to lay down drill pipe before safely moving the rig from one well to the next.

With weights of up to 1.6 million pounds, the fact that a drilling rig can move around a location without the help of trucks and other specialized equipment is an engineering marvel. Add to this the fact that these rigs can move safely via remote control and travel in virtually any direction, and their value to operators is without comparison.

Citadel Drilling is not the first drilling contractor to make use of these concepts, but we are the first in Canada to make integrated moving systems a standard feature in our drilling rigs - just one of the many "high spec" features you will find on our TA2CT series rigs.


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