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Apprenticeship Program

Rig Technician Program

Citadel proudly supports the Rig Technician Program. It is mandatory that all Motorhands, Derrickhands, and Drillers actively participate in the program to assist with their professional development and to ensure our client service is the best in the business.

What is the Rig Technician Program?

The Rig Technician Program is designed to assess and acknowledge the skill sets of the proud professionals working in the drilling industry through a certified trade process, not unlike a mechanic or welder. Choosing the career path of the Rig Technician gives drilling professionals the combination of on-the-job and technical classroom training they need to advance from Motorhand to Driller and the potential to be promoted to Rig Manager.

How does the Rig Technician and Apprenticeship Program Work?

Drilling professionals are able to apply to work as an Apprentice in the Rig Technician trade once they have gained Floorhand experience. Once registered they can work their way through all three levels of the program, each requiring a combination of logged working hours of on-the-job training and a 4-week technical training course.

How does the Rig Technician Program Benefit Me?

You will be on course for a Rewarding Career.

The crew on a drilling site is made up of professionals with varying levels of skills and experience. As an apprentice, your on-the-job training must be hours worked as a Motorhand, Derrickhand or Driller. The position you work is at the discretion of supervisors and the requirements of the rig and particular job, but it’s important you take the appropriate steps to ensure your career path is always on the rise.

A Job That Can Take You Places

The program content and requirements of the rig technician trade are the same across western Canada. As a rig technician, you might work in one province and live in another, but as the program is identical across the west, everyone understands and recognizes your different levels of training as you progress through the program.

Red Seal Program

During the third level of the apprenticeship, you can reach Red Seal status by passing the Interprovincial Exam. The Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program ensures recognition of your certification throughout Canada and is recognized as the interprovincial standard of excellence.

How does Citadel Support the Rig Technician and Apprenticeship Program?

Citadel wants high-performing professionals working throughout the company. The Rig Technician and Apprenticeship program is an integral part of that mission. As such the company will:

  • Assist employees with the enrollment into the program
  • Pay for tuition and course materials in accordance with company policy
  • Assist employees with the scheduling of classroom-based technical training
  • Provide a training wage while attending technical school, paid in accordance with company policy

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