The Power to Deliver

Citadel is focused on the delivery of performance to clients and being recognized as best in class for innovation and safety. In order to achieve these goals, the company must attract and retain the industry’s highest performing professionals. As such, Citadel is committed to a comprehensive employee training and development process focused on skill development including:

Regulatory Training

Ensuring every employee has the tools and training to commence work in the position for which they were hired as set out in the Citadel Training Matrix.

Employee Competency Training and Assessment

Competencies are the knowledge, skills and attributes used at work to demonstrate the ability to perform a task successfully. At Citadel we are committed to training and assessing employee competencies as part of our commitment to safety, efficiency and employee growth. Each employee will be required to successfully complete the Citadel C.A.R.E program designed to assess the skills required to work in the position in which they are employed.

C – Citadel
A – Achieved
R – Recognition of
E – Expertise

Talent Development

Citadel is committed to investing in our people. Citadel offers professional development to all employees with a focus on the development of interpersonal and leadership skills.

Performance Management

Making a difference every day. When employees are part of a positive performance management process based on appraisal, feedback and goal-setting, it makes a difference to the performance and satisfaction of the individual, the team and to success of Citadel in general.

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