The Power to Deliver

Operational & Technical Support Team

Our Operational and Technical Support team is the essence of the Company. This team includes our rig managers, field crews, finance, human resources, safety and administrative staff. They are the ones who come face to face with clients and service providers and they walk the walk when it comes to our core values of Performance, Acknowledgment, Courage, Communication and Trust.

Technical Support Team:

Annie Lee

Jason Sherstabetoff
Supervisor of Financial

Anita Collett
Intermediate Accountant

Amber Holm
Human Resources

Alex Meaver
Human Resources

Michelle Erdmann
Purchasing Coordinator

Lata Parmar
Payroll & Benefits

Marcela Fairhurst
Accounts Payable and
Office Administrator

Taylor Sawyer 
Operations Administrator
Odessa office


Operational Teams

Rig 1: The Titan

Rig Manager

Derrick Franke

Rig 2: The Commander

Rig Manager

Shannen Austin

Rig 3: Olympus

Rig Manager

Aaron Burdek

Rig 4: The Nomad

Rig Manager

Craig May

Rig 5: The Hellcat

Rig Manager

Blake Gazdag

Rig 6: Athena

Rig Manager

Dan Kleinsasser

Relief Managers: Citadel

Rig Manager

James Hoffarth       Trent Meger          Colin Strickland          James Jensen                Ryan Wollin