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Our TA²CT series Rigs

Citadel was formed to address the ongoing needs of oil and gas producers in Canada and the USA that require safe, programmable and more efficient drilling rigs with high pressure and increased horsepower and pumping capacity to fully optimize their drilling programs.

But before designing our rigs, we discussed improvements with potential clients. We questioned everything about the current rig designs, talked in depth to our potential vendors, and then began the process of building our rigs from the BOP’s up. At Citadel we utilize our team’s experience with AC technology and available global products and truly focus on integration to improve the safety and efficiency of current drilling operations.

Citadel operates and deploys a fleet of technologically advanced AC triple (TA²CT), self-moving drilling rigs that execute 15,000-25,000 foot vertical and horizontal plays. We’ve built advantages into our new generation of rigs that require no additional rig-up time or additional transport loads, and provide operators with the lowest compaction requirements available. We help achieve superior savings in:

  • Rig Moving and Rig-Up/Tear-Out
  • Tubular Handling
  • BOP Handling
  • Drilling Fluids Savings
  • Dual Fuel and High Line Capability
  • Programmable Drilling Features such as Anti-Collision
  • High Pressure and High Horsepower Pumping Capacities
Citadel has designed 2 types of AC Triple Drilling Rigs - TA²CT Series 1 and TA²CT Series 2 with specific features that appeal to different operators based on requirements and the location of their drilling programs in Canada and the USA. Citadel is where smart new ideas are given life - like the ultra-efficient rigs we've developed in order to fully optimize drilling programs. Our TA²CT rig series is designed to elevate performance and savings with highly programmable features. What helps set Citadel apart is that we focus specifically on AC triple rigs.

Our crews know these rigs inside out, top to bottom, offering a level of competence rarely seen. Your next project needs talented people with powerful credentials working on new rigs that offer substantial efficiencies. Your next project needs Citadel.