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TA²CT Series Rigs


TA²CT Series 1 Advantages

Citadel Drilling TA²CT Series 1:

  • incorporates several integrated features within its modern box-on-box substructure to increase the safety and efficiency of the drilling process, from rig moves to day-to-day operations
  • has an integrated walking system with the lowest compaction rate on the market, avoiding costly loads to the rig moves, unlike other 3rd party “bolt-on” systems
  • features innovative 2200hp Quatro pumps and 7500psi API certified circulating system that allow operators to design the well without pressure or pump constraints
  • has a state-of-the-art catwalk design (the first of its kind in North America) to revolutionize tubular and top-drive handling in the drilling industry
  • has the ability to run on optional fuel sources such as dual fuel (up to a 70/30% dynamic blend of natural gas and diesel), high line power capable feature or traditional diesel power, saving the operator thousands of dollars in operating costs



TA²CT Series 2 Advantages

Citadel Drilling TA²CT Series 2:

  • incorporates all of the integrated features, pumping power and pressure systems of our TA²CT Series 1 rigs, but does it with a single piece substructure and lighter mast for ease of moving
  • Series 2, much like Series 1, is designed to focus on any resource play that is of pad, deep well or long-reach horizontal nature
  • TA²CT 2 has fewer loads and a slightly lighter depth rating (4000m - 6000m or 13,000-19,500 feet) than its sister TA²CT 1 series which has a varied depth capacity depending on the drill pipe size of (4000m – 7500m or 15,000-25,000 feet)

The Titan Rig

Check out a great drone video of our Titan (Rig 1) working hard in the United States! Click here to watch.