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July 13, 2015

Citadel's TA²CT II Series Drilling Rig Mobilized to the Field

Citadel Drilling announces that its fourth TA²CT (Technically Advanced AC triple) drilling rig has been constructed on time, within budget, and has been mobilized to the field with its client XTO Energy Canada ULC.

This is the company’s first TA²CT 2 series rig following the successful launch of its TA²CT 1 Series.

The TA²CT 2 series is equipped with the same cutting-edge back end as the TA²CT 1 series, with industry leading features such as 2400hp pumps, API certified 7500 psi pumping system, state-of-the-art mud tanks with mobile scalping tank, expandable VFD with dual gas blending standard with a high line integration option.

“What sets this rig apart is a newly designed one-piece substructure with an integrated pony sub moving system with full X –Y axis capabilities which can move with a full complement of drill pipe standing in the derrick,” the company said in a release. “The TA²CT 2 design is a 1500hp rig with a 6,500 metre racking capacity, which has a very small footprint and low load count, making it an ideal rig for many of our clients.

“Citadel is eager to draw on our experienced team and technology to enhance XTO’s drilling program as we continue to build and operate our fleet of TA²CT series drilling rigs.”