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QHSE Management System

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management System:

QHSE is a vital part of our corporate culture. We continually demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our employees and clients and to the protection of the environment in every facet of our business. Our integrated QHSE Management System is internally reviewed repetitively and audited annually by third parties. Citadel aims to consistently exceed the expectations of our employees, clients, stakeholders, regulators and the communities in which we operate.

Our rig design is one example of how planning and prevention is the foundation for our QHSE Management System. Citadel believes in collaborative, peer-to-peer accountability and the mandate to hold our performance to global class standards. Our management team consistently participates in and actively supports new and existing initiatives. Citadel’s QHSE Committee possesses the experience and decision-making power to ensure continuous improvement of our systems, training and safety culture development. Most importantly, our employees consciously drive the safety performance of the Company and have the right and expectation to return home secure and unharmed. 

Our goal is ZERO² (zero workplace injuries and zero environmental incidents).