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Emergency Response & Contacts

Emergency Preparedness Program


The Emergency Preparedness Program is in place to ensure that Citadel Drilling Ltd is prepared to handle any emergency situation that could arise. Citadel Drilling Ltd is responsible for ensuring emergency response planning is developed, tested (e.g., mock drills or discussions) and updated annually.

Citadel’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) addresses emergencies that arise within the workplace and adjacent worksites. Each employee/contractor is responsible for understanding and participating in emergency response planning.

The principal focus of Occupational Health and Safety is the protection of people, environment and property. All workplace environments must have a written ERP that addresses both the real and potential hazards. A properly implemented ERP will:

  • Enable the management team to effectively prepare for potential emergency situations
  • Allow employees/contractors to respond to emergencies and maintain personal safety
  • Ensure continual improvement through emergency drills and tests

Emergency Response Plan/Procedures

Citadel is committed to the goal of ZERO² (zero workplace injuries and illness across the organization and zero environmental incidents). Emergency Response Plans assist in the proper management of an event or crisis to ensure a prompt and effective response. The ERP reduces possible consequences of an emergency by minimizing/preventing injuries, reducing damage to company property and allowing normal operations to be resumed as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, only designated competent personnel shall lead the procedures below:

  • Ensure that personnel are safe and assess the emergency situation
  • Use established alarm procedures
  • Inform others of the emergency by means of verbal communications, air horn, fire alarm, public address or paging system
  • Stop work where applicable, and shut down all sources of ignition
  • Abandon vehicles and walk away (if in a plant setting)
  • Evacuate employees and confirm that all personnel have been evacuated safely
  • Ensure that first aid is administered by a competent first aider
  • Call the appropriate emergency response agencies (e.g., 911 for fire, ambulance [in accordance with the Ambulance Services Act]; notify the police, utility providers, etc.) as identified on the Emergency Response Contact List
  • All employees are to proceed to the designated muster point where supervisors will conduct a head count to account for all workers. (Note: first aid stations are also located in designated muster point areas, as identified during daily safety meetings)
  • If anyone is missing and it is safe to do so, have the designated rescue person return to find the personnel
  • If conditions are unsafe, wait for emergency personnel
  • If possible, isolate services of power/gas
  • Where possible, extinguish any fires using fire extinguishers located in the designated areas
  • In the event of an evacuation order, personnel are to go to the designated muster point to await further instructions, or be evacuated out of the area as ordered.
  • Employees performing rescue or evacuation operations must wear personal protective clothing and equipment appropriate to the potential hazards
  • Clear communication shall be maintained between employees engaged in rescue or evacuation activities and the support personnel

Provincial Emergency Contacts


Alberta Energy Utilities Board:
Medicine Hat   
Red Deer   
Grande Prairie   
St. Albert   
Ft. McMurray   
Drayton Valley   

Department of the Environment:
Forestry (Fires):
Workplace Health & Safety (Alberta):
Transportation of Dangerous Goods:
Department of Transport:
Poison Control:
Air Ambulance (STARS):   Cell: #4567 


British Columbia

BC Oil and Gas Commission:
Dangerous Goods information:
Air Ambulance:
Poison Control
Spills and Oil & Gas Event Reporting:


Citadel Drilling Emergency Contacts:

Corporate Head Office
#610, 736 - 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB. T2P 1H4

Office  403.719.7724
Fax     587.350.7203

Nisku Operations Centre
1101 6 St.
Nisku, AB. T9E 7N7

Office  780.955.5599
Fax     780.955.5525