The Power to Deliver

Opla Energy is a managed pressure drilling (MPD) solutions provider. Opla is part of the modern energy wave – a smart, dynamic company built on fresh ideas from experienced professionals. We offer fully automated MPD systems and cutting-edge engineering solutions with best in-class quality. Innovation is a core value for Opla, this allows us to maximize results through the use of technology. Working with our partners at Citadel Drilling we are bringing automation and disruption to the drilling industry.

Opla’s custom-tailored solutions and engineering support offer a level of service and technology that is unmatched in the industry.


  • Real-time Hydraulics
  • Surge & Swab, Torque & Drag, Cementing & more.
  • Maintain constant pressure at any point in the wellbore.


  • Fully Automated Electric Chokes
  • Small footprint, high accuracy.
  • Intelligent Logic Control.


  • Real Time Operations Center (24/7 Support).
  • Customized Well Planning Solutions.
  • Real-time data for informed field decisions.

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